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Reposition the core store retail design language over 2 phases.

Phase 1 looked to clean up and revitalise of the existing store environment.

Phase 2 repositioned the target demographic for stores to a generation Z audience. A deep strategic review was developed to understand their mindsets and purchasing patterns of the average Zoomer. Stores were refreshed with a scrapbook design language and focused heavily on inspiring positive energy through the narratives from Adidas’ own collection of ambassadors and next generation athletes.


Phase 1

Clean up and declutter the store navigation and comms with friendlier, more on-brand in store communication. 

Focus was given to refreshing existing placements and giving defining a clearer product information system to more technical products and fitting for womenswear as a way of communicating price point. 

Adidas Shoewall

Phase 2

Talk to Gen Z – the next generation of athletes – through inspiring in-store narrative experiences that give insights into Adidas’ brand ambassadors, their own inspiration and what it takes to become a top performer.

We added gifting and giveaway experiences in store to engage the new customer base. Notoriously cash poor, there was a need to create long term desire for products and education on the benefits of price-point.

Concept to reality – the welcome wall in the New York store.

The London flagship store on Oxford Street was the first store to trial the narrative refresh.

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