Dulux Decorating Centre

Pioneering. Intimate. Heroic

Dulux Decorator Centres, Dulux’s UK trade network. 

The heroic passionate trade expert – formed a new tone of voice for the experts (the staff) to talk across all media in the friendly, everyday manner you experience across the counter.

Clear guidelines were developed to help communicate the new strategy and ethos, as we’ll as detailing the core principles around the revised design system.

The concept not only developed a refreshed trade identity, it developed the brand to be a helping hand, offering upskilling workshops from in-house and external experts.

Dulux MixLab

Pioneering. Intimate. Heroic

The Mixlab was designed to offer consumers an almost self-service approach to the mix-on-site paint offer in large DIY store. As a response to user feedback on the past systems it offered a step-by-step journey to choosing your colours and finishes 

Dulux Travels in Colour

Store activation

Store activation concepts to bring the Travels in colour range of paints to life in stores.

The colour range collects complementary natural tones together to make selection easy to the consumer. 

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