Culture, community, collections and coffee.

Starting with the Berlin store, the pitch concept provided a framework for a global clubhouse expansion, where consistent brand and unique environments are dialed up and down to create identifiably Rapha experiences.

Coffee and culture was put at the centre, allowing members and riders to enjoy the Rapha community. The space was designed to flex and morph from retail space to event and entertainment space when required.
Rapha Store Front
Rapha hanging banners

Emphasis was given to creating a space to highlight the Rapha travel offer, where club members and riders can join others on organised trips and experience some of the most challenging and beautiful rides across the world.

Rapha Travel Wall

The environment used sustainable natural materials with a refined and detailed communication system with. a focus on curated mid-floor displays that offered something to every type of rider.

Rapha Merch Graphics

The role of the Rapha app was also elevated to have a direct roll when at or passing the Clubhouse. Delivering personalised content between the screens and the app to offer details on the next ride, personalised product fitting and offers.

The final store retained the essence of the concept with a bold timber look and feel, projected content on walls and a strong cafe option built into the store.

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